"You will not believe your ears"
"You will not believe your ears"

About Us :
Kralk Audio is a small independant loudspeaker manufacturer based in Stanley, near Wakefield, in West Yorkshire, England. Our aim is to give customers the highest quality audio experience utilising the best components and build quality possible. With various options available on all models, we firmly believe our products are unique, allowing each and every customer to tailor their loudspeakers to their needs.

Our loudspeakers are hand built to exacting tolerances, and are assembled with care and meticulous attention to detail, so please expect a delivery period of up to 3 weeks, when every customer can enjoy a thrilling and satisfying aural experience.

Although our cabinets are finished in four standard colour finishes, we are always
willing to listen to our customers needs and requirements to make their time with Kralk Audio a complete and satisfying experience...........

Kralk Audio are confident our products will give years of listening pleasure and that is why we offer a 5 year warranty on our speakers........

We also offer *FREE* UK delivery on all our speakers

*Being totally hand built, coupled with high demand, means that currently we expect delivery time on orders to be approximately 3 weeks from date of order*

Contact     For any enquiries regarding Kralk Audio Loudspeakers please click to e-mail :  Kralk Audio
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                             Tel : 01924 828545 or 07707 162659
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Kralk Audio
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                                                                         Latest news and updates for our products

From February 1st 2015 the price of our BC-30 Black Cats is rising to £429 per pair for all the standard and special finishes.

The new stand for the Black Cats, named "The PAW" (Passive Audiophile Woofer), will feature a dedicated high power 100mm bass driver in each stand and will be finished in satin black with adjustable spiked feet and styled like the XB-1 bass extender.
These will be priced at £325 per pair.

The DTLPS-1 will increase to £825 and will lose the bi-wire option but will be fitted with new design high quality terminals.

The price of the XB-1 will remain the same, but this too will lose the bi-wire option.

Having kept the prices as low as possible for the last 3 years, the price of everything used to produce the speakers has risen to the point where price rises are un-avoidable.