Founded in June 2012 Kralk Audio has been making bespoke, handmade loudspeakers for the domestic market with the design motto “If it can be better then why not make it better.”

Excellence is achieved through the use of high-end, matched components and drive units that are all hand assembled with care and pride to give you the ultimate in listening pleasure.

Kralk Audio is a one man company and as such there is a manufacturing time of up to 3 weeks from date of your order with all cabinets being handmade and veneered in house and all veneers can be matched very closely to your existing home furniture if required.

With Kralk Audio you can be assured that each and every loudspeaker is built with love and care and is thoroughly tested before they are finally personally delivered and set up for you (UK only, Models over £1000).

We have many satisfied listeners around the world that have been delighted with the quality and craftsmanship of our loudspeakers and you can read their unsolicited comments here.

Kralk Audio are confident our products will give years of listening pleasure and that is why we offer a 5 year warranty on our speakers.

Kralk Audio, 5 Lake Lock Grove, Stanley, Wakefield, United Kingdom, WF3 4JJ
Telephone: +44 (01) 924 828545  Mobile +44 (0) 7707 162659

Email kralkaudio@aol.com

3 Replies to “Welcome”

  1. Hi,

    I heard your speakers today at the North west audio show.
    I have to say they were the standout product for me from the whole show.
    If I could take anything home from the show today it would be your tdb12 speakers.
    I chat a little in a few audio forums and I’ve mentioned you in all my post from the show today.
    I was with a live band the night before and I do think your speakers reproduce a realistic sound, especially from drums. When I get 5 mins, I’d love to listen to them again with a view to adding them to my system.
    Kind regards

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, i have tried to provide exceptional value for money with the TDB range and it’s nice to see that the designs are proving popular, you are very welcome to come and have a listen here at my demo room in wakefield.



  3. Hi Alan do you have the dimensions for the 46cm stands, I’ve a pair of JBL studio monitors that look like they would fit perfectly on top of them? Thanks David

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