This custom designed Kralk Audio 30-4 speaker system has been designed up to our customer’s requirements, featuring teak veneer on all sides.

The cabinet is highly internally braced in critical areas to avoid unwanted cabinet resonance. This approach gives the bass a clean and tight response, without overblowing the sound. The infinite baffle design and back to back mounting of the bass drivers ensure everything is kept under control even during the most demanding musical passages.

The lower mid frequencies are handled by the very capable 200mm Scan-Speak bass/mid driver. This unit has been used in many successful designs during the 90s; it is now remanufactured by Scan-Speak due to demand and is a custom made to order. It does the job excellently, adding a richness to the lower mid-band, giving vocals a sense of realism. Its output can be controlled via the level pads on the rear of the cabinet.

Midrange frequencies are handled by the HiVi combo midrange/tweeter assembly, which gives exceptional clarity and definition to the sound. The tweeter in this combo is partnered medium driver for seamless medium and high frequencies integration.

Frequency response adjustments

The five speakers, four-way infinite baffle design is tuned to +3 dB -3 dB over the 28 Hz to 35 kHz range but can also be adjusted in 3 areas by rear mounted level pads to suit room conditions and personal listening preference. The level pads give an overall flat response when set at 0. However, due to room limitations and various shapes and sizes of the listening environment, it may be necessary to adjust the positions of the controls to suit any personal listening environment.

Stand base

The stand base is adjustable by 7mm on each foot and should be able to levelled easy on most flooring surfaces. To increase the height of the foot, turn the black control knob anti clockwise; to lower the height, turn clockwise, provided the foot is set above its lower limit stop.

30-4 Custom specifications

Please note, the TDB-12 and TDB-10 are out of stock, this is due to disrupted supply of the Bass drivers for these models, estimated lead time on parts is 3 to 6 months so at the moment i have no alternative but to take them out of stock. Thanks
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