Our middle of the range speaker with external crossover, the Elite really is a game changer in the domestic speaker market.  Massively over built the Elite takes audiophile listening to a new level with fantastic dynamics low distortion and great bass thanks to our DTLPS system, each pair hand built and matched for superior sound quality.

The new Elite Mk2 builds on the success of our original design.

Again we listened to what our customers had to say and more importantly their partners said about the design.  The original crossover units had a run through system by which the cables came in at one side and out of the other, however this was in most cases impractical for most living spaces and definitely not very wife friendly.  The new Mk2 crossover units have all the terminals for connection on the rear of the unit making for a much tidier look and the addition of the mounting dock to stand them on vertically also gives a much more modern stylish look to the system.

The crossover unit has also been further upgraded by the use of new stainless steel terminal panels and silver plated copper terminals, the whole unit is hard wired internally with The Missing Links Slingshot Evolution cable taking the performance to a whole new level of sound accuracy.

The Elite Mk2 speaker system has also had a substantial upgrade to ensure it keeps ahead of the field.  The new speaker features a brand new tweeter with a smoother flatter response both on and off axis and an extended range right up to 40khz, we have also upgraded the bass driver to a new polypropylene cone which gives less distortion and cone breakup than the old paper cone unit and offers greater power handling.

We have made the cabinet slightly bigger to take account of the changes in drive unit specification the cabinet is now 15mm deeper than the original Elite.

Sound quality and performance.

The new Elite is more capable than ever and can deliver room filling sound from the modest sized enclosure, the 24db Bessel design crossover ensures that the drivers are always in control and are performing at their optimum.  The crossovers use ultra-high quality capacitors and lead shielded resin cast air core inductors for ultimate performance and sound staging, being external crossovers they do not suffer from any mechanical or electrical interference from the speaker system which further improves the sound quality from the Elites.

What strikes people the most about the Elites when they first hear them is the size and scale of the musical performance they deliver.

Our DTLPS system is a ground breaking design, DTLPS stands for Dual Transmission Line Port System which sends the rear output from the bass driver through the folded internal cabinet and then into a rear pressure chamber where it then exits the cabinet through twin ports at low velocity, this gives you the scale of a transmission line with the flexibility of a sealed box design, without the disadvantages of a ported enclosure, the Elites can happily be placed as close as 150mm from the rear wall without any problems.  Ideal placement is between 150 and 600mm from the rear wall on 700mm stands.

Cabinets are finished in furniture grade real wood veneer and come in a range of finishes, standard finish is Oak, the cabinets have our unique cover tidy away position which allows the cover to be removed from the front of the speaker and placed on the inside side of the speaker cabinet, special magnetic holders keep the cover in position and it also aids diffraction further enhancing the stereo image from the speakers, the new Elite really is simply better.

Please note, the TDB-12 and TDB-10 are out of stock, this is due to disrupted supply of the Bass drivers for these models, estimated lead time on parts is 3 to 6 months so at the moment i have no alternative but to take them out of stock. Thanks
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