The KA2 with external crossover.  Born out of years of research and development, the KA2 really is the top of the range; designed with the audiophile in mind the KA2 really delivers the quality you have been searching for. Top quality components brought together and hand built into the ultimate listening experience.

The new KA2 with external crossover is a ground-breaking design designed to give the listener a true high fidelity audiophile experience.

Many years have gone into the research and development of this design – we have gone for total accuracy with the speaker, all brand new units purposely made for the KA2 and brought together wonderfully with the very high specification external crossover featuring clarity cap capacitors and HD lead shielded resin cast air core inductors.

The KA2 speaker

The cabinet of the KA2 is long fibre 18mm mdf.  We chose this for its excellent damping qualities which aids the sound reproduction.  Inside the cabinet is our unique standing wave trap design which eliminates the standing wave from the rear of the driver with some very clever perforated internal panels encased in acoustic foam, the cabinet is fully battened inside for extra rigidity and no two internal panels have the same dimensions to counteract internal resonance.

The front and rear baffles of the KA2 are 18mm mdf powder coated in a beautiful hammer finish the front baffle sits on our new Isocone system which isolates the front baffle from the rest of the cabinet reducing vibration and colouration, the rear panel is secured by screws and a neoprene gasket to totally seal against leaks.

The 2 brand new drive units are a 135mm carbon fibre bass driver with massive vented motor unit and cast alloy chassis and long throw voice coil gives tight extended bass response.  The new silk dome tweeter features a rear pyramid damping chamber to reduce standing waves and colouration in the unit which gives a much extended response up to 25khz with excellent on and off axis performance for excellent imaging and wide sweet spot.

Silver plated copper terminals are used throughout the speaker system and everything is hard wired with Missing Link slingshot Evolution cable.

The external crossover is a 24db Bessel design featuring clarity cap capacitors and HD lead shielded resin cast air core inductors for a true high end sound, adjustments can be made for tweeter output -3db 0db and +3db to suit individual requirements.  There is also a VU meter with adjustable sensitivity on each crossover to monitor the output of the crossover, the crossover is totally passive in operation but does have a power supply for illumination if required.

Sound quality – the first thing you notice when listening to the KA2 is the sense of space, everything has a place in the stereo image and you can almost reach in and touch the musicians such is the depth of the sound field.  Take a longer listen and you will notice the lack of box colouration from the speakers as they disappear into the soundstage leaving you with an almost live performance in front of you; midrange detail and clarity are stunning whilst the top end can be adjusted for those who like a little more or a little less, the KA2 is very easy and enjoyable to listen to, it’s designed with passion for people who love music just sit back and enjoy music as it was meant to be.

Please note, the TDB-12 and TDB-10 are out of stock, this is due to disrupted supply of the Bass drivers for these models, estimated lead time on parts is 3 to 6 months so at the moment i have no alternative but to take them out of stock. Thanks
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