Our PAW stand, designed and built for the BC-30 speaker system, delivers the extra bass should you need it.  Simple easy connection to the rear of the speaker and adjustable levelling feet will have you up and running in minutes.

The PAW stand is a add on bass extender for our very popular BC-30 speaker system.  The stand is an equal part band pass system, sealed at the bottom and ported at the top through a double doughnut port.  Inside the stand is the same 135mm bass driver as used in the BC-30 speaker system; because the driver is the same it integrates very well with the speaker to produce extra depth to the sound making the BC-30 sound a whole lot bigger than it is.

The crossover in the PAW stand is a 12db 200 Hz design which adds bottom end definition without over blowing the sound or making it boomy to listen to.

The stand features adjustable solid aluminium feet that can be adjusted by the knurled knob above each foot, making for very quick and easy adjustment of the stand in the listening position. Each foot has an adjustment of 15mm which is more than enough for most situations.  The stands are finished in black ash with powder coated black base and speaker platform, clear rubber isolation dots are supplied with the stand to protect the base of the speaker.

PAW Stand Specifications

Please note, the TDB-12 and TDB-10 are out of stock, this is due to disrupted supply of the Bass drivers for these models, estimated lead time on parts is 3 to 6 months so at the moment i have no alternative but to take them out of stock. Thanks
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