TDB-12 Professional three way studio monitor

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The award-winning TDB-12 Professional Studio Monitor is a 3 way stand mounted speaker designed to give a detailed lifelike performance at medium high-volume levels, suitable for medium to large sized rooms (a medium sized room is 16 x 12 x 8 feet).

Its high 96.5dB efficiency means it is very easy to drive. TDB-12 can be connected to low power amplifiers and give a detailed performance at low volume levels. The TDB-12 excels at high volume levels and is designed for professional monitoring both at home and in the studio. Its tight fast bass makes it easy to follow bass rhythms, drums have a solid tight thwack. Vocals are clean and clear with spectacular detail and imaging. High frequencies are crisp and clean and detailed so you never miss a thing. The TDB-12 just makes you smile with its ability to play music as it should be.

The TDB-12 is suitable for all music types, for best results and to allow the speaker to work as designed, it is only suitable for large rooms and studios and is designed to be played loud.







The 12” Pulp paper cone bass driver gives a solid performance. It is coupled with reflex bass loading to give greater efficiency and extended tight clean bass across the frequency range. With its 3” voice coil and huge 8kg vented motor system associated to a high 96dB efficiency, the driver can provide very lifelike dynamics when required.

The 5” midrange drive unit, housed in its own enclosure, gives a smooth and detailed presentation. The unit features a doped paper cone with rubber surround, a vented magnet pole and a high temperature voice coil. Its huge motor system provides excellent power handling at extreme volumes, excellent stereo imaging due to the position of the drive units and the mirror image cabinets.

The Bullet Tweeter, with high sensitivity short horn design, handles the high frequencies. The unit has a 1.5” aluminium dome and is designed for high power quality installations for both domestic and studio use. Its cast Aluminium frame and large motor assembly give reliability.

A level pad for Mid and high gives full control over the output from the units so the user can balance the speaker system to the room acoustics or personal taste. The level is adjustable from -16dB to +3dB for both midrange and tweeter outputs.

The crossover is a custom designed 12dB unit with Convair capacitors, Ohmite Audio Gold axial wire wound power resistors that are specifically designed for high-end loudspeakers and our own Kralk Audio air core inductors, all hard wired for extra reliability with high quality OFC wire.

Terminals are oversized 4-way gold plated with 4mm banana plug capability.

The cabinets are 18mm braced chipboard with real wood veneer or paint finish, all internal bracing is screwed and glued for maximum rigidity and long life without rattles.

Dedicated heavy duty stands are provided with the speakers

Please note these speakers are hand made to order, and as such can take up to 3 weeks to manufacture.

Shipping to the UK Mainland is included in the price, there is a £20 discount for collection from us, overseas buyers and Highlands and Islands need to contact us for a update shipping quote.

Quality without the price tag

The TDB range is designed to satisfy the demands of the home audiophile who is looking for quality build and sound in a highly affordable speaker package.

Each model of the range is hand built to order using real, furniture quality, wood veneer or any colour painted finish (extra charge applies for those) the customer requires. We have used quality drive units and hand-built crossovers using Convair capacitors and our own hand wound coils, all linked together SPP. You are getting quality parts for your money.

So, where did we skimp with the range? The fact is, we didn’t. We identified cosmetic items that drive costs up (like solid aluminium engraved terminal plates, badges and labels, front grills, etc.), the stuff that most people never see. Removing these things has allowed the costs to come down while increasing the quality where it was needed. You get a high specifications product at an attractive price.

TDB-12 Specifications

Priced Per Pair

2 reviews for TDB-12 Professional three way studio monitor

  1. Craig Evans

    I have been aware of Kralk speakers for 3 years or so, last year following an audio show and the following buzz that the TDB12 ‘s caused I decided to check out what the fuss was about. I was used to my Neat Momentum speakers and considered them to be excellent. Following a demo at Alan’s house I decided to pop a deposit down and let him loose on a pair. From the moment I gave him the money we entered into a contract like no other I have experienced, a personal service is a gross understatement. The speakers were delivered to my home and installed and from the first note of a track I knew the wait had been worth every minute. Alan is a gentleman and to buy from Kralk is a very different experience to mass market products. The value of these speakers far exceeds the price point and the added value of them being made by one man to fantastic standards is just an amazing boost to anyone’s Hifi journey. Music comes alive with these speakers and the whole package that Alan delivers makes these the best deal in audio without exception. Words are not enough to explain what a happy buyer I am.

  2. Gary Sandison

    Alan has just supplied and fited these and they are by far the best speakers i have owened and i have owened al lot!
    These just sound real and instruments and drums are lifelike Alan even set these up in my home he is a true gentleman and a real craftsman.
    I have had speakers costing over5K that did not even come close to the superb sound quality that these portray.
    Bass is incredible deep and pounds but has no flabby bass whatsoever. These are what i have been searching for for a long time and Alan could charge a lot more for these as they are worth every penny.
    If you are in the market for new speakers i highly recommend you give Alan a call as these outperform major manufacturers by a wide margin.

    I could go on all day about how good these sound but you just need to listen to these and i am sure you will be hooked mine are not even run in yet and i listened to TOTO live and it was like being there.

    Best ever !!!!

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