What's happening with Kralk Audio Limited?

Kralk Audio Limited is not trading at this time, and hasn’t been for the past few months.

Kralk Audio began 8 years ago with Alan Clark, a man with a passion for creating great loudspeakers that many could afford and enjoy, all on his own in his small workshop at home. Unfortunately, success is a demanding mistress; great workmanship and quality engineering are not enough. Business requires more than that. The start of the COVID-19 pandemic triggered various latent issues, which had been building up. Core processes quickly deteriorated to the point of failure, leading to a complete production stop.

This is when Mike Harlington and Nicolas Will came on-board in March 2020. Both are just as passionate about audio as Alan is and they recognised the value of Kralk Audio and all the pre-existing efforts put into making high-value loudspeakers with a fantastic market recognition. Both were willing to bring what was missing: successful entrepreneurship track record, industry recognition, management and commercialisation excellence, finances, marketing and sales experience.

Kralk Audio Limited was born, with the goal of reaching the next level of deserved success, while preserving its acquired legacy, through significant financial and time investments, improved engineering and commercialisation processes as well as new manufacturing capabilities. Alan was given the engineering/quality reins (the heart of all Kralk Audio products), a majority stake holding in the new company and a guaranteed income: peace of mind for him and his family once the busy transition was achieved.

Unfortunately, transitioning proved to be a mountain too high to climb; major gaps in understanding the very basics of business management, communications difficulties and a failure to establish trust, compounded by the lockdown, multiplied the challenges, ultimately leading to the complete breakdown of the already stressed partnership.

This is a sad tale of passions and positive intentions that have regretfully failed to align and meet the expected success. There were signs out there to be seen, but hindsight is 20:20…

There are open options for Kralk Audio Limited to have a future, either with Alan or with Mike and Nicolas. We’re hoping to find the best way forward, for everyone, regardless of our differences. Until that way is found, everything related to Kralk Audio Limited, including the intellectual property and assets (both material and financial), is on hold. Alan is still a director and shareholder of Kralk Audio Limited, even if he’s not a salaried employee anymore.

Mike Harlington and Nicolas Will can be reached by email or other well-known means. They welcome and encourage any request for further information.