Speaker set up at the speed of light with the new KALSU, a pair of laser set up devices for the top of each speaker to set your listening position and get your speakers both playing on the same axis for the ultimate stereo imaging experience.

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Leading the way again Kralk Audio introduce the new KALSU (Kralk Audio Laser Set-Up), a laser set up device to level and position your speakers for optimum performance in minutes,

The KALSU is battery operated and they come as a pair, one for the top of each speaker, simply align the device on top of the speaker with the central laser aperture in alignment with each tweeter, then simply turn the laser units on and turn the speakers toward the listening position so both lasers meet at the listening spot, the side laser will then show you where the first reflection in the room are going to occur thus making it easy to place items there plants/ornaments/ acoustic foam etc. to break up these reflections, experiment with the central lasers between 1 meter apart and touching at the listening seat for the best sound and image, the laser setup ensures both speakers are on the same axis when they reach the listening position and the effects can be heard immediately, the depth of image and stereo imaging will be greater focused once the laser set up has aligned your speakers on the exact same axis, the KALSU is an absolute must have item for listeners who constantly have to move there speakers because of children or access problems or for speaker reviewers who need to make sure every speaker is aligned the same, the KALSU does the job in minutes instead of hours and exactly the same every time so you can be confident your listening position is always constant, get your system in focus and hear the difference it can make

Interactive 3D model (for desktop computer only)

  • Click the picture to make the model interactive.It will take a bit of time.
  • Click and drag to rotate.
  • Mouse wheel to zoom in and out.
  • Shift key and drag to move.

The KALSU is designed for use on flat topped speakers for best results, if your speakers have sloping tops or round tops it will not be possible to use the KALSU at its best

Please note all the KALSU sets are made to order so there will be a manufacture time of about 10 days from date of purchase, many are purchased as Christmas gifts, if this is your intention please allow extra time at the holiday period..


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